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Jan 13, 2013 3:00am PST
across the u.s. and up to 62% effective. despite that advice, many don't want to get one. lisa sylvester takes a look at why we don't want to get some. >> more. >> reporter: it's a good defense against the flu. hand sanitizer, but when it came to getting a flu shot for her 2-year-old daughter, dana was less certain. >> i really thought about it and between the odds of her having a bad reaction versus catching the flu, i felt like the flu and having heard down and out and possibly risking her health or her life wasn't worth it. >> reporter: dana ended up getting a flu shot for her daughter, but others we talk to say no thanks to the flu vaccine. >> busy with work and just didn't seem to affect me, i don't think. >> i'm not sure i'm confident in its ability to really protect me. >> reporter: there are concerns with the flu shot that lead some not to get one. many of those reasons, though, are actually baseless. first notion is that the flu shot can actually give you the flu. dr. greg cope is an e.r. doctor in washington. >> the virus has been broken down into many parts that are inactivate
Jan 6, 2013 3:00am PST
in my future, i don't want to go to work, i don't feel well, you're going to draw in more negativity, you're going to get bitter on life and sink down into depression and miss your purpose. it's not easy when things are coming against you. you've got to get up and find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight. it's been an extraordinary year easy, but you have to get up and find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight, it's been an extraordinary year, thanks for watching. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." >> i have been coming to the show for years. this is one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >>> gun dealers ignore protesters. >>> the fashion mogul who dresses the hollywood elite missing. now a desperate search for his airplane. >>> it's a new year. how's that budget going? practical advice on how to get your money in order. >>> it is sunday, january 6th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we start this morning in stanford, connecticut, where a gun show went on as planned despite the tragedy in newt
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
, yeah, okay. i did say to lance, i would do it this once, but don't tell me what i'm picking up. i don't want to know. >> why did you do it? >> i always felt kind of guilty in ways by not getting involved in the medical program because be involved in the medical program and i wouldn't, at the time, i probably stood out a bit because i didn't. and so i kind of felt, here, i'll do it. >> did you see lance armstrong inject himself with drugs or take drugs? >> you don't sit and do it in front of people. couple riders would do it because they would share rooms. if the door is shut, you don't go in that door. >> there's also a famous quote which has been said a lot. >> the quote got a bit dramatized and history has shown that i didn't have enough to bring him down and i never wanted to bring him down. never, ever wanted to bring lance down. i think in the long term it will be good for cycling and good for riders involved in cycling because i think now, more than ever, this is the opportunity for riders to have the choice to ride clean and stay clean, if they choose to. >> we'll have much mor
Jan 12, 2013 3:00am PST
from now, he would be 49. and i don't know how interested he would be in competing at that age. i would say, also, though that possibly because it's lance armstrong and depending on what kind of information he provides them, maybe the governing bodies in international sports makes some kind of agreement to go outside the rule book and cut that ban down to less than eight years. but in any event, i don't think we're going to see him compete in sanction events any time soon. >> let's talk about the legal implications, he said under oath he did not dope. what about possible civil lawsuits? people had money invested in lance armstrong and the armstrong brand. as he continuously lied about not doping. >> yeah, criminally, as far as perjury, last time he was known to have testified that he did not use performance-enhancing drugs was 2005. it was in a lawsuit brought against him by a promotions company in dallas. and my understanding about that is he is not at risk there because it's been seven years since then and that is beyond the statute of limitations. i think he's clear there. civilly, i
Jan 12, 2013 4:00am PST
your flu shot or don't, you get the flu or you don't. but seems that this season is so much more deadly than others. what makes this one so unusual? >> the flu season every year picks up around october. this year's a little earlier. we're experiencing about a 20% increase in just our own emergency department visits. vaccination actually was fairly accurate with the strains selected for the vaccination, but with the other medical illnesses that individuals have, the elderly, we're seeing a tremendous increase of the volume of patients. so it's predictable, but there is a large volume of patients that did not get the vaccination this year and therefore a lot more complications. >> quantify that for us. how many more patients are you seeing at piedmont? >> about 20% to 25% more patients in our emergency department daily. we will have 30 positive influenza screens in the month of november. it ticked up to 80 in december. and we're on track in january, as well. and those are just ones we've tested. and many times it's clinically diagnosed and you may not actually do an influenza test it's no
Jan 13, 2013 4:00am PST
of the vaccine for adults and for kids and officials don't plan to order any more. take a listen to this. >> we have a limited supply of children's vaccine injectible, when do not have any nasal spray children's right now. there are vaccines available in the area. i do believe other health departments in the area may have vaccines and pharmacy have limited supply. >> at schools across the country, administrators, teachers and nurses are finding themselves on the front lines of the flu epidemic. our brian todd spoke with several officials about what they're doing to defend against the outbreak. >> cynthia norris knows she has to get creative. she has to keep a nationwide flu outbreak from slamming into her school. with this small group of kids ages 6 to 11, it's the visual that counts. she spreads glitter on her desk. >> then i'm going to put my hands in it and that represents the germs. the germs that we don't see, okay. so, if i come and i touch you, this glitter being the germs will be what i pass on to you and you could potentially get sick. okay. now, my phone rings i pick up the phone. now
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6